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PAIR Micro JST Silicone Wire 4 pin female+male 20pc

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  • 4 pole/wires
  • Sex: Male+Female (10 pc each)
  • Pieces: 20 (10 male + 10 female)
  • Jacket: Silicone high-temperature jacket (for use where high heat and flexibility matter)
  • 28 AWG wire
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Weight: 0.70g male, 0.66g female
  • Lead (length): ~10cm (~6")
  • Please note: these are NOT JST (charger/battery/balance) cables!
  • Contact us for bulk requests
Common in manyRuncam, Caddx, and Foxeer cameras; these Micro-JST are all-around amazing for micro builds. More information is available here.

This is for 10 pairs of male+femal connectors, these are also sold mono-sexually.