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  • Front view of the RunCam Naked Thumb
  • Side view of the RunCam Naked Thumb
  • Top view of the RunCam Naked Thumb
  • WIth lens protector (not included, prototype))
  • CAD render
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PREORDER-Runcam Thumb Naked Case

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This is a preorder. We expect to ship by the end of June 2023. More pictures are coming; please see the assembly and follow the support page's instructions (or download and cut your own - the design is open-source).


  • 1 each carbon fiber plate (1x front, 1x rear)
  • 4 pc M3x8 Aluminum spacer
  • 4 pc M3x16 Metal Panhead screw
  • 4 pc M3x8 Nylon/Hex standoff
  • 8 pc knurled nuts
  • 4 pc M2x12 Metal Button Head screw
  • 4 pc M2 Nylon nuts
  • 4 pc M2x1 nylon washer

Not Included:

  • Drone
  • Camera
  • Salvation
  • The location where I hid the money

Subject to change and/or parts availability. But we have plenty in stock.  Also, we used a real drone for the photos, one that has seen a few hundred flights with the Naked Thumb.  The props are 2.5" for reference; this was a small 140g 3S drone.