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M3 x 10mm Button Head Titanium Screw 1pc

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One of the "I never knew I wanted", until I considered the socket head advantage. Except this is the titanium version.
  • M3 thread 
  • Sold: 1pc
  • Length 10mm
  • Weight: ~0.32g per pc
  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Titanium

Why these are a GREAT screw!

Note: These are expensive as hell and hard to find in bulk. 

Panhead (round head) screws are a norm in FPV, UAS, and beyond. They offer a tight, near-seamless fit, to a flat surface. The end product is quite nice to the touch.  Socket heads do not, they are a wart on any build. When used for lowest point connections, commonly the motors when flying freestyle, the socket becomes a grind-plate. Be the grinds intentional or a consequence of excitement over paved surfaces, we will never tell.