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M2 Knurled Brass Nut 10pc

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Useful when a traditional nut, be it nylon, metal, or other, will not fit. Commonly in FPV PCBs are jam-packed leaving no room to place a terminal nut on a stack. These are where knurled nuts shine.  Reliable on nylon standoffs using only fingers to tighten.  The reduced diameter is because these are commonly used as embedded anchors in various applications, plastic in particular.  

These may also be applied carefully using needle-nose pliers of the right kind.  Do be careful, if you need these nuts the build is already dense.

  • M2 thread 
  • Sold: 10pc
  • Height: 3mm
  • Outside diameter: ~3.58mm
  • Weight: ~0.09g per pc
  • Color: Black
  • Material: brass

We use these all the time, here is a great article breaking down why these are so effective.