Remote ID: How to Fly Hassle Free Under a Fascist Regime (FAA)


Fly sub-250 recreational only. Fun Hog has you covered.

What Ruling?

Remote ID is legal, the RDQ v FAA case was lost.  The fascist bastards won.  sUAS News sums it all up.

Impact on Hobby

  • All drones manufactured or sold must have RID form the factory as of Sept 2022 (we expect this date to fail).
  • No more bind-n-fly or similar
  • No RID technology exists, there is no conceivable means for compliance.
    • It's worth noting that virtually no technical specs have been produced making compliance impossible on a software level.
  • No more commercial sales of flying anything without full RID
  • You can only "home build" if:
    • "the major portion of which has been fabricated and assembled by person(s) who undertook the construction project solely fo their own education or recreation". source Title 14 section 21.191(g).
  •  RID requires the transmission of operator GPS.
    • To put in plain terms, your drone will need to also transmit your (RPIC) location. So that data has to be sent from your transmitter to UAS then sent to RID for compliance.

Ya know, it keeps getting works, here's a video to review, don't cry.


      How to Fly in 2022+

      We (Rotor Garage) pivoted to sub-250 in 2016 understanding that the toy loophole was our only hope.  No one believed us and considered our dialog as a nuisance.  Everyone on the forums and other areas dismissing the warnings and evidence can go straight to hell.  

      Rotor Garage/Fun Hog has been working diligently to create a 5" quality flight that comes in 250 grams or less AUW.  Our goal is to keep flying, how about you?

      We open source our work and sell parts to support sub-250 builds. Stick with us.

      We have the platform, knowledge, and tenacity to survive FAA foolishness. We are ready to go fully underground as necessary.  

      Our products and videos remain compliant and legal because we only sell parts and plans, unassembled.  We don't build pre-builds, nor do we sell kits of any type. We are flying open source frames and promoting free design and  scientific accomplishment.  

      FPV and drone has returned to the makers.  As long as you build it and fly it under 250 grams the FAA can GTFO.

      We will continue to post videos, despite dubious language and varied interpretations of current law. 

      We have been designing and flying sub-250 longer than anyone.

      If you can trust anyone, it is the Fun Hogs.