Looking to Open RC Flying Field In Park County

Hello, Welcome!

I am a commercial UAS (drone) pilot looking for space to fly. Ideally, 1-2 acres, not too close to water, a major highway, or a residential area.


Ideally, I would like to lease or sublease land year after year. Cash and a memo-style agreement are all that are necessary. I am interested in paying a fair rate to access land, fly drones with friends, and establish a community for learning and recreation.

The main concerns people have is privacy and noise. 

Regarding privacy, this is not and never will be an issue. Happy to discuss and demonstrate.

Regarding noise, these are flying machines. All format, type, and size of drones have a buzz and occasional whine. In rural areas, this is absorbed by the landscape. Rocketing around in suburban areas is where the bad reputation comes from. On my 3-acre plot, I can not hear the drone from halfway across the property. Happy to demonstrate.

If you have some land that may fit the bill and want to support professionals and STEM education, email info@funhog.me

We live in the Bailey area. I have a follow-up presentation ready and available.  

Below are some videos from various other fields (or similar) from the past 5+ years; we like to have fun.