Open Source

Work in progress for all Fun Hog / Rotor Garage open source work.

All projects are licensed...CC NC / Commercial


Fun Hog Original

The original Fun Hog, back when 480 DVR was a go to option.


  • to feature top mount battery placement
  • built to use 5 inch technology 
  • to have over 5 million possible frame configurations (and growing)
  • to support 30mm, 30.5mm, 20mm, and 26mm flight controllers
  • to support props from 2" to 6"
  • to support 2s, 3s, 4s, and 6s builds
  • built to be field repairable

Original Release: 2017

Fun Hog Revised (v2)

First major revision reacting to Split and other single board DVR/HD camera PCBs. 

  • Rebuild of the original Fun Hog
  • Support for cameras and camera flaps provided by a slight lengthening of the frame
  • eventual 0.05 mm edit to arm pattern makes the math clean and the standard final
  • Evolving considerations for VTX mounting and support, eventually coordinating with the Ass Paddle

Released: 2019

Fun Hog Naked (v3)

With the introduction of new "old school" cameras for sub-250 gram, such as the RunCam Thumb the frame required minor revisions.

  • Built off version 2 layout
  • Minor pivot to support Naked Thumb better

Released: 2022

[Download CAD] [Repository Wiki Link]

Groomer (previously Hoglett)

Supporting the HolyBro 25x25mm AIO FC/OSD/FC for 2-3.5" props to deliver high rate performance on 3s.

  • One board, all KISS/FETTEC!
  • Freestyle focused
  • About as small as possible and still able to play like a big dog (5" feel)
  • Other board support possible/coming.

Released: In testing since 2021, expected 2022 release.

[Download CAD] [Repository Wiki Link]

RunCam Thumb Naked

Carbon fiber wrapper and mounting system for the RunCam Thumb 1080.

  • Durable AF
  • 20x20 pattern for lens protection, mods for ND or similar filters
  • Protects the camera
  • Built better than original release, SD card stays put!
  • Common M2 and M3 hardware (we sell all of it)

Released: 2022

[Download CAD] [Repository Wiki Link]

RunCam Thumb 4K Naked

Coming Soon

Camera Flaps

Stable, reliable, and sustainable micro camera mounting in Fun Hog (and other) frames.

  • Supports "naked" mounting
  • 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm options
  • Can be dampened, but results are as stable as the tune.

Released: 2019

[Download CAD] [Repository Wiki Link]

Ass Paddle

Stable, reliable, and sustainable VTX mounting for Fun Hog (and other) frames. 
  • Protects VTX
  • Supports antenna
  • Removes oscillations generated by antenna 
  • Supports VTX width of 20mm or less

Released: 2019

[Download CAD] [Repository Wiki Link]