MAPP, Buyers Club, Bulk Orders

Fun Hog has the items I need and fly.  To drive my prices down I buy in bulk and sell online.  The goal is not to make a ton of cash or take down GetFPV, but to have the parts I need on hand at a price I want to pay.

Why stop there?

Some of our products are brands that require pricing control strategy.  This is often referred to as MAPP pricing. MAPP stands for Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy, if I advertise a lower price than MAPP I lose the line.

For MAPP protected items I have to issue an automatic discount.  Many of these products I sell low enough to cover the shop, general over head, and a growing drug and alcohol hobby.

Want More?

I can discount further for multiples. The largest possible orders will be near cost and are welcome! Contact me directly at info[at]funhog[dot]me.

If you invest in an order, as in prepay, I can drop prices as low as possible.  In stock items have less flexibility, but if you want 100 cameras and can wait - that's where the savings happens.

We are here because we live to fly.  We want to help others save money and stabilize builds with the highest quality parts.

I place orders for parts every month, and what you see in the shop is what I use to design and build some of the most reliable and high performance drones on the planet.

Bulk Orders Wanted

We love bulk orders, especially when there is some lead time.  Then we can use these orders to drive the price down for everyone.  Sometimes the price drops so much we can refund some of the deposit for the order.

Lead time saves money, so why not stock up on 20 bags of props and 10 box of antenna before the season starts?  I promise to do my best to get you the best deal!