Flight Privacy Policy

As a UAV flight operation Fun Hog is a FPV (First Person View) research organization focusing on particular styles of remote flight.  UAS operation neither seeks to, nor has any motivation to, record data beyond that of the mission at hand.  
Fun Hog uses no extra sensors, no enhanced collection capability, or business concern or initiative to collect any information that might be considered sensitive.
Our official policy is that Fun Hog and/or the pilots operating as a partner of Fun Hog (via our operational rules) are required to fly in a manner where no private or privacy related material is collected.
Operational FPV flight and image capture is empirically lower quality than other legal means of image and data collection.  As long as flight and data captured does not exceed a reasonable capability to capture the same or better information without a UAS there is no privacy concern to consider.
Additionally, several Federal court cases have established that expectations of privacy, via the proliferation of UAS technology, is considerably limited with with regards to UAS operation.
In the rare instance that an UAS captures information representing a privacy concern, upon legitimate request in writing Rotor Garage / Fun Hog will review footage and take any necessary action. In the event  a request for deletion or censoring of information be found to be legitimate then best practice and reasonable means will be used to respect the written request for censorship.
All requests related to privacy concerns must be submitted by mail:
Rotor Garage / Fun Hog
2443 South University Blvd #150
Denver CO, 80210