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Cluster Whoops: FAA, UAS, and RID

We know them as UAS, drone, multi-rotor, quads, RC model aircraft, and other names. Despite common divisions in the industry, this is the time when we all need to band together! Now is not the time to play commercial versus amateur, FPV versus winged, DJI users versus custom builds. The industry, hobby, and access to national airspace is under siege by a horrible NRPM (notice of proposed rule making) from the FAA. Do not recede to your respective groups, stand up for fair access to National Air Space!

The Remote ID NRPM FAA-2019-1100 (RID) is a bad idea. It's half baked and does not solve legitimate problems. The absence of science and reason threatens the UAS industry right now!

We have a lot to lose. If we stand aside we will see all innovation stop and will impede commercial operations, destroy almost all hobby flight. We will see the results trample on STEM/STEAM education.

The UAS industry is already shaping our world through cinematography, agriculture, industrial applications, education, and of course the exploration of aviation as a hobbyist or professional.

We created this page to help get the necessary comments registered before time runs out. We've populated it with opinions from around the internet, to help you to take action! Many of the voices should be familiar and all are good points.

As a growing organization, focused on fair, logical, and scientifically based drone policy ADAPT assembled this helper to write comments opposing the FAA's foolish and tone-deaf proposal. If you don't know all the details just click on any of the links below the statements to learn more.

I have been in this game a while. Over time I have come to believe that the FAA is not doing a good job regarding UAS (drones). Getting my 107 (commercial UAS pilots license) was the experience where I lost any remaining faith in the FAA being able to right the ship. Instead of my personal experience with the FAA UAS inspectors, FAAST team (FAA Safety Team), FAA "proper", the testing center, the many near fist fights, narrow escapes from arrest, avoiding military prison, and over 10,000 flights with no injury or safety lapses here are others in the industry outlining the Remote ID problem.

Once we defeat Remote ID everyone needs to rally again to pull NAS regulation of UAS form the FAA, but let's focus on the task at hand first.

It Only Takes 1 Minute to Comment on Remote ID!

Bobby Watts Talks to Kenji (advisory committee member)

Bruce Simpson aka XJet

Rotor Riot Initial Response and Outline

Paul with DroneU

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