Fun Hog Dot Me is a small group of tech enthusiasts who came together via FPV (first-person view) drones.  And for a few years, that was all we did. After 10,000 flights (stopped counting long ago), FPV is strong but also plateaued. 

Our main focus is a sub-250-gram recreational FPV flight.  You know, the type of flight where you don't have to register or place. No tracking beacon is required. We don't know what is going to happen. This is our parts store as fathers, husbands, and digital outlaws. We need parts, buy in bulk, and sell extras here. Profit from sales and activities fund various predilections towards the fun stuff.

  • Motorized toys
  • Guns (and ammo)
  • Alcohol
  • Tools and heavy machinery, welding
  • Streaming, audio, and video equipment
  • Alcohol, all forms
  • Other **

** no comment

We Focus on Sub-250-gram recreational flights.
This format does NOT require registration
or Remote ID broadcasting beacons.

FPV Practitioners & SME

FPV is the supreme electronics hobby—one demanding dedication, money, and technical acumen.

Our pool of skills extends to machining, production, CAD, prototyping, 3D-Printing, and CNC. We are expanding what "Fun Hog" means.

All the Fine Print

Measurements, weights, batches, and technical specifications.

We endeavor to represent products as best as possible. Product variation is inherent.

We respect batches where applicable. Ideally, we will only mix part batches with customer approval.

Weights and measurements are done by staff. Variations occur, and errors happen. Please help correct any mistakes.

Bulk Orders Wanted

We love bulk orders, especially when there is some lead time.  Then we can use these orders to drive the price down for everyone.  Sometimes the price drops so much that we can refund some of the deposit for the order.

Lead time saves money, so why not stock up on 20 bags of props and 10 boxes of antennae before the season starts?  I promise to do my best to get you the best deal!

Refund policy

We do not accept returns except in the case of an obvious error.  We are not cold-hearted cyborgs all the time; if you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact us.

General Privacy policy

Having worked in the technology sector for over 2 decades, there is no such thing as "privacy."  We "comply" with the rules but also know that compliance is impossible the way the rules are written.  So we will collect all the information we can about you, use it for decision-making, and probably will not sell it.

As for logging and 3rd party services, we have no control over them; they have all your information. We can't do anything about this; no one really can. Logging, DNS records, cookies, trackers, and other systems are beyond our control, and they aggregate most of your data, GDPR [et al.] be damned.

Terms of Service

All sales are final.

Flight Privacy Policy

When operating UAVs in the national airspace, we do not seek to record data beyond that of the mission. Those missions are narrow in scope. Most often, recreational flights, testing builds, and flight instruction.

We use no extra sensors, no enhanced collection capability, and add no business concern or privacy risk. It is improbable that we would ever capture any sensitive information.

But please read on.

We assert that all pilots operate as partners under the following privacy-protecting rules.

  1. Know the rules.
  2. Never fly at, over, or put at risk anything you can not afford to crash into.
  3. Always fly so that no private or privacy-related material is collected.
  4. Be a steward of this culture and technology.


Generally speaking, flight and image capture video/image quality are empirically lower in quality. The alternative is easily accessible and legal means that perform much better, usually ground-based. Drones are sloppy and noisy spies.

The Federal court has established that expectations of privacy, via the proliferation of UAS technology, are considerably limited. Considerable case law stands. The general rule is "if property details can be seen reasonably from a plane, the drone is not a privacy concern."

In the rare instance that a UAS captures information representing a privacy concern, upon legitimate request in writing, Rotor Garage / Fun Hog will review the footage and take any necessary action. If a request for deletion or censoring of information is legitimate, then best practice and reasonable means are used to remove footage from public view.

Send ALL privacy-related requests by mail to:

Rotor Garage / Fun Hog
2443 South University Blvd #150
Denver CO, 80210


Need a part? Got a question? Want bulk or wholesale pricing? Want to become an official OEM for the Fun Hog flying platform? Have a truck of stolen cigarettes? Looking to collaborate on a project? Need professional FPV pilots and footage? Have some land for us to fly? Start here: [email protected]