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As of September 16, 2023, Remote ID is the law of the land. We don't expect much compliance because it is a bad law. Here at Fun Hog, we have mastered getting maximum performance from sub-250-gram drones in the recreational space. Everything is open source. Buy our parts, and support freedom.

Our work is about legally bypassing Federal Registration and Identity Broadcasting requirements to fly FPV.

Featured Parts: Micro JST Connectors

Micro-JST, aka "Molex" connectors at 1.25mm pitch with silicon wire, is hard to find. So I ordered thousands of them for personal projects and sling them online. These are great connectors and a pretty fair price too.

Not only are these connectors very common with FPV cameras, they can also be used to make builds modular, consolidating connections and patterns of use to keep your fleet in the air longer.

  • Data (receiver)
  • VTX (video transmission)
  • Flight camera
  • OSD and other accessories
  • Interchangeable Components
  • Increased Field Repairability
  • Parts and Connection Standardization
  • Industry-standard reliability

PAIR Micro JST Silicone Wire 3 pin male+female 20pc

In Stock: 20

PAIR Micro JST Silicone Wire 4 pin female+male 20pc

In Stock: 20

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